About Us

Bansal Agrotech is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company. we are registered under central insecticides board and registration council. Bansal agrotech is also a G3 certified Company. With our strong emphasis on using the ideal raw materials and employing innovative technologies over the years, Bansal agrotech has emerged as one of the most promising biofertilizer and plant growth regulators manufacturers across the country.

Known as a leading manufacturer of hydrolysed proteins and hair based amino acids, We have directed our endeavours to meet the desired needs and requirement of our clients in an efficient as well as precise manner.

Bansal agrotech was established in 2018 and has its own manufacturing unit as well as an experienced research and development team and we have grown into a nutrition specialist producing hydrolysed proteins for the agriculture industry using Indian technology and we are proud to be the made in India brand built from the scratch.

In this super quick paced life ,consumer needs food that is vital, good to burn, affordable and green. This demand of consumers has led farmers to grow crops that are plentiful in nutrients and has no chemical presence that is natural fertiliser.

BanSal agrotech’s state of the art formulation and technical synthesis plant has been steered Indian farmers to improve their  product quality with innovative inventions and research product. we always try our level best to give an affordable and quality products to the farmers.


Availability of affordable and qualitative agriculture inputs to the farmers to support doubling their farm income by reducing input costs occurring in fertilisers and pest control. Helping farmers shifting towards green and organic farming by maximum use of bio fertiliser and pesticides and minimum use of chemical fertilisers to increase productivity, soil health and fertility and the better health to the society.


To be the market leader in the field of bio fertilisers and agrochemicals across the globe.