Research and Development

Research and development has played a pivotal role in transforming bansal agro tech business and will continue to drive future growth.

We focus on reverse engineering of off patented products, development of new formulations, equal friendly and ready mix solutions for farmers, development of new technical active ingredients, optimising parameters for process of technical forecast reduction, work on affluent treatment to minimise cost for it, replacement of toxic solvent and contributes towards the growth of Indian agriculture. we focus on registration of the product.

We at bansal agrotech process improvement of existing products with respect to costs to develop the process for new productsproducts/Intermediates in terms of competitive costs, energy efficient and  environmental friendly to stay ahead of farmers requirement and market competition. We believe in formulation development, backward integration, contribute for safe and eco friendly practises in agriculture, adopt and implement new research technology, design and development, project approval to commercialization and product registration in central insecticide board.

Our R&D team Aims to invent new biological solutions for Crop, to facilitate and commercialise biological products And working to enhance the effectiveness of existing products.

We contribute to sound crop production through novel sophisticated crop protection agents and support the rich diet and health of people by creation of new Agrochemical with high safety to mammals, animals and non target organisms and no impact environment. the residue of this product will be insignificant so that crop can be used for Consumption even after one day of spray.